Amber Benezra

Assistant Professor

School: College of Arts and Letters

Building: Peirce

Room: 209

Phone: (201) 216-8530


  • PhD (2014) New School for Social Research (Sociocultural Anthropology)
  • MA (2007) New School for Social Research (Sociocultural Anthropology)
  • MA (2000) New School for Social Research (Media Studies and Film)
  • BA (1996) Carnegie Mellon University (Literary & Cultural Studies/Creative Writing)
Professional Service
  • Society for Medical Anthropology/American Anthropological Association Editorial Board
  • Medical Anthropology Quarterly Digital Editor
Professional Societies
  • AGA – American Geographers Association Member
  • NYAS – New York Academy of Sciences Member
  • 4S – Society for the Social Studies of Science Member
  • AAA – American Anthropological Association Member
  • AFA – Association for Feminist Anthropology Member
  • SCA – Society for Cultural Anthropology Member
  • SMA – Society for Medical Anthropology Member
Selected Publications
Book Chapter
  1. Benezra, A. (2018). Making Microbiomes. Handbook of Genomics, Health and Society (pp. 283-290). Routledge.
  2. Benezra, A. (2016). Feminist Anthropology. Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbook: Gender/Nature (pp. 17-28). Macmillan.
Journal Article
  1. Benezra, A. (2021). Introducing the Microbes and Social Equity Working Group: Considering the Microbial Components of Social, Environmental, and Health Justice. mSystems (4 ed., vol. 6). American Society for Microbiology.
  2. Benezra, A. (2020). Race in the Microbiome. Special Issue: Sensing Race as a Ghost Variable in Science, Technology, and Medicine. Science, Technology, and Human Values (5 ed., vol. 45, pp. 877-902). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publishing.
  3. Benezra, A. (2020). Setting the agenda for social science research on the human microbiome. Palgrave Communications (18 ed., vol. 6, pp. New York, NY: Nature.
  4. Benezra, A. (2016). Datafying Microbes: Malnutrition At the Intersection of Metagenomics and Global Health. BioSocieties (3 ed., vol. 11, pp. 334–351).
  5. Subramanian et al.; Benezra, A. (2014). Persistent Gut Microbiota Immaturity in Malnourished Bangladeshi Children. Nature (vol. 510, pp. 417-421).
  6. Benezra, A.; Gordon, J.; DeStefano, J. (2012). An Anthropology of Microbes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (vol. 109, pp. 6378-6382).