George Korfiatis


School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Building: Nicoll Laboratory

Room: 103

Phone: (201) 216-5348

Fax: (201) 216-8909



Dr. Korfiatis is a recognized scholar in the areas of water resources, geohydrology, groundwater contamination, and environmental and geotechnical engineering. He has served in various professional committees and boards over the past several years both within the US and around the world. He has authored numerous books, journal papers, book chapters and research reports and eight US patents. He is a Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors and has been named the Inventor of the Year by the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame in 2009.


Dr. George P. Korfiatis is currently the McLean Chair Professor of Environmental Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. From 2006 to 2016, Dr. Korfiatis served as Provost and University Vice President at Stevens Institute of Technology, acting as chief academic officer
 of the university and the highest-ranking official after the President. As Provost he was responsible for all academic departments, schools, colleges and research centers, end ensured that Stevens maintains the culture and the human and physical infrastructure necessary to achieve its mission. He closely collaborated with 
the Academic Deans, Vice Provosts and the Faculty Senate, to develop and sustain trans-disciplinary research communities, establishing all academic policies, overseeing reviews of all academic units, and leading the implementation of strategic initiatives in accordance with the Stevens Strategic Plan. Previously Dr. Korfiatis served as Dean
 of the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering at Stevens and Founding Director of the Stevens Center for Environmental Engineering, where he managed research programs valued in excess of $50 million. Dr. Korfiatis was also a co-founder of two Stevens Enterprise Companies: PlasmaSol Corp. and HydroGlobe LLC, both later acquired by Fortune 500 companies.

Institutional Service
  • Teaching and Learning Excellence Committee (TLEC) Chair
  • CEOE Promotions and Tenure Committee Member
  • Environmental Engineering Program Committee Member
  • Farvardin Chair Faculty Search Committee Chair
  • Graduate Committee Member
  • Institute Promotions and Tenure Committee Member
  • New Faculty Search Committee Member
Professional Societies
  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists Fellow
  • NAI – National Academy of Inventors Fellow
Patents and Inventions

7,497,952 Methods of preparing a surface-activated titanium oxide product and of using same in water treatment processes 7,473,369 Methods of preparing a surface-activated titanium oxide product and of using same in water treatment processes 7,192,553 In situ sterilization and decontamination system using a non-thermal plasma discharge 7,094,322 Use of self-sustained atmospheric pressure plasma for the scattering and absorption of electromagnetic radiation 6,942,807 Iron powder and sand filtration process for treatment of water contaminated with heavy metals and organic compounds 6,919,029 Methods of preparing a surface-activated titanium oxide product and of using same in water treatment processes 6,818,193 Segmented electrode capillary discharge, non-thermal plasma apparatus and process for promoting chemical reactions 6,752,926 Method and apparatus for treatment of wastewater 5,629,199 Sonically enhanced method for removing chemical preservatives from chemically treated wood products

Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
  1. Korfiatis, G.; Meng, X.; Shi, Q. (2018). THE USE OF NANOCRYSTALLINE TITANIUM DIOXIDE IN REMOVING HEAVY METALS FROM WATER: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENTS (vol. 1, pp. 1129-1135). Proc. Protection and Restoration of the Environment XIV.
  2. Hadim, H.; Pochiraju, K.; Chassapis, C.; Vaccari, D.; Sheppard, K.; Korfiatis, G. (2005). Mechanical engineering program assessment in the Schaefer school of engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings (pp. 10199-10215).
  3. Sheppard, K.; Korfiatis, G.; Manoochehri, S.; Nastasi, J.; Pochiraju, K.; McGrath, E.; Dominick, P.; Aronson, Z. (2004). Preparing engineering students for the international virtual workplace. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training, ITHET 2004 (pp. 365-370).
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Journal Article
  1. Wei, J.; Meng, X.; Song, Y.; Shi, Q.; Wen, X.; Korfiatis, G. (2020). Surface mole-ratio method to distinguish surface precipitation and adsorption on solid-liquid interface. Journal of Hazardous Materials (vol. 397).
  2. Shi, Q.; Zhang, S.; Ge, J.; Wei, J.; Christodoulatos, C.; Korfiatis, G.; Meng, X. (2020). Lead immobilization by phosphate in the presence of iron oxides: Adsorption versus precipitation. Water research (vol. 179, pp. 115853).
  3. Shi, Q.; Zhang, S.; Korfiatis, G.; Christodoulatos, C.; Meng, X. (2020). Identifying the existence and molecular structure of the dissolved HCO3-Ca-As(V) complex in water. Science of the Total Environment (vol. 724).
  4. Zhang, S.; Shi, Q.; Korfiatis, G.; Christodoulatos, C.; Wang, H.; Meng, X. (2020). Chromate removal by electrospun PVA/PEI nanofibers: Adsorption, reduction, and effects of co-existing ions. Chemical Engineering Journal (vol. 387).
  5. Shi, Q.; Sterbinsky, G. E.; Zhang, S.; Christodoulatos, C.; Korfiatis, G.; Meng, X. (2020). Formation of Fe(iii)-As(v) complexes: effect on the solubility of ferric hydroxide precipitates and molecular structural identification. Environmental Science: Nano (5 ed., vol. 7, pp. 1388-1398).
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