Hamed Ghoddusi


School: School of Business

Building: Babbio Center

Room: 417

Phone: (201) 216-3512

Fax: (201) 216-5385

Email: hghoddus@stevens.edu

Institutional Service
  • Research and Entrepreneurship Committee Member
  • Finance Area Committee Member
  • PhD Committee Member
  • First-Year Book Reading Member
Professional Service
  • International Iranian Economic Association ‌Board Member
Professional Societies
  • International Association of Iranian Economics Member
  • ERF – Economic Research Forum Fellow
  • International Association of Energy Economics Member
Selected Publications
Book Chapter
  1. Ghoddusi, H.. Risk Management in Commodity Processing Firms. Book Chapter. Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management (2-3 ed., vol. 12, pp. 219-239). Now Publisher .
Journal Article
  1. Rodivilov, A.; Ghodussi, H.; Roy, M. (2020). Income elasticity of demand versus consumption: Implications for energy policy analysis. Energy Economics (vol. 95). Elsevier.
  2. Ghoddusi, H.; Creamer, G.; Rafizadeh, N. (2019). Machine Learning in Energy Economics and Finance: A Review. Energy Economics (vol. 81, pp. 709-727).
  3. Ghoddusi, H.; Creamer, G.; Rafizadeh, N. (2019). Machine learning in energy economics and finance: A review. Energy Economics (vol. 81, pp. 709-727).
  4. Ghoddusi, H.; Afkhami, M. (2019). Valuation of mortgage interest deductibility under uncertainty: An option pricing approach. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (vol. 103, pp. 102-122).
  5. Shantia, A.; Aflaki, S.; Ghoddusi, H. (2019). Input Risk Management: Technological Improvement versus Financial Hedging. Production and Operations Management (8 ed., vol. 28, pp. 2044-2067). Production and Operations Management.
  6. Ghoddusi, H.; Morovati, M.; Rafizadeh, N.. Foreign Exchange Shocks and Gasoline Consumption. Energy Economics.