Jae Chul Kim

Assistant Professor

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Building: Burchard

Room: 009

Phone: (201) 216-5286

Fax: (201) 216-8306

Email: jkim7@stevens.edu



My research is dedicated to tackling challenging issues in the green technology by offering transformative ideas for the development of advanced energy storage platforms. To achieve this mission, my research group focuses on 1) designing novel energy storage materials for Li/Na/K-ion batteries, 2) developing scalable solid-state battery manufacturing, and 3) characterizing phase transformations at a fast timescale. It is our strength that we carry out highly interdisciplinary research at the intersection of materials science, inorganic chemistry, applied electrochemistry, and chemical engineering.

Openings about RA and Postdoc positions are posted in the research website.
Google scholar (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=I7VUCawAAAAJ&hl=en)

General Information

Fall Office Hours: Tuesdays 10:00-11:30 am, or by appointment
Spring Office Hours: Tuesdays 5:00-6:30 pm, or by appointment


Postdoc: Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2015-2018)
Postdoc: Materials Science and Engineering, MIT (2014-2015)
PhD: Materials Science and Engineering, MIT (2014)

Institutional Service
  • New Certificate Program Chair
  • Stevens-PSEG Partnership Member
  • CEMS Seminar Series Chair
  • Undergraduate Ambassador Member
  • Meeting with US Army CCDC Member
  • PhD Oral Qualifying Exam Committe Member
  • CEMS seminar series Chair
  • PhD Written Qualifying Exam Committee Member
  • PhD Oral Qualifying Exam Committee Member
  • CEMS seminar series Member
  • PhD recruitment event Chair
  • PhD Written Qualifying Exam Committee Member
  • CEMS seminar series Member
  • CEMS seminar series Member
  • CEMS seminar series Member
Professional Service
  • Materials Research Society Symposium Lead Organizer
  • Reviewer
  • Manuscript Reviewer
  • International Conference on Solid State Ionics Session Chair
Consulting Service


Visiting Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University (2020-Present)

Professional Societies
  • ECS – Electrochemical Society Member
  • MRS – Materials Research Society Member
  • ACers – American Ceramic Society Member
Selected Publications
Journal Article
  1. Kim, J.; Kwon, D.; Yang, J. H.; Kim, H.; Bo, S.; Wu, L.; Kim, H.; Seo, D.; Shi, T.; Wang, J.; Ceder, G. (2020). Direct observation of alternating octahedral and prismatic sodium layers in O3-type transition metal oxides. Advanced Energy Materials (vol. 10, pp. 2001151).
  2. Kim, H.; Kwon, D.; Kim, J.; Ouyang, B.; Kim, H.; Yang, J. H.; Ceder, G. (2020). Na+ redistribution by electrochemical Na+/K+ exchange in layered NaxNi2SbO6. Chemistry of Materials (vol. 32, pp. 4312-4323).
  3. Han, J.; Chae, J.; Kim, J.; Roh, K. (2020). Facile preparation of composite electrodes for supercapacitors by CNT entrapment into carbon matrix derived from pitch at a softening point. Carbon (vol. 164, pp. 402-407).
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  8. Kim, H.; Seo, D.; Bianchini, M.; Clement, R. J.; Kim, H.; Kim, J.; Tian, Y.; Shi, T.; Yoon, W.; Ceder, G. (2018). A new strategy for high voltage cathodes for K-ion batteries: stoichiometric KVPO4F. Advanced Energy Materials (26 ed., vol. 8, pp. 1801591). Wiley.

CHE234: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
MT588: Electrochemical Materials and Devices for Energy and Sustainability
MT602: Principles of Inorganic Materials Synthesis