Joyce Mullan

Teaching Assistant Professor

School: College of Arts and Letters

Building: Morton

Room: 108

Phone: (201) 216-3331

Fax: (201) 216-8245


  • PhD (2003) New School for Social Research (Philosophy)
  • MA (1998) New School for Social Research (Philosophy)
  • MA (1988) New School for Social Research (Political Science)
  • BA (1978) San Francisco State University (Political Science)

My research interests have been in Ancient and Enlightenment Ethical and Political Theory with an emphasis on Feminist, Comparative  and non-violent approaches.  I am also interested in Environmental Ethics, Animal Rights, and Ecofeminism.

General Information

Works in Progress:

"From Noble Savage to Beautiful Savage, the changing conception of the Other and the Outlaw"

"Arête and Humanitas in the Greeks and Romans" "Nature and Principles in Rousseau: an unintended double-bind?" "Subjectivity in Hans Jonas and Thomas Mann"


I have taught introductory and advanced courses in Philosophy, Political Science, Intellectual History, and Humanities at NJIT, Adelphi, Rutgers, and St. John’s University in the New York/New Jersey area, as well as at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the University of Chicago’s Graham School.

I have taught the History of Political Theory, History of Ethics, Contemporary Moral Issues, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Existentialism, Women and Philosophy, Science Fiction and Philosophy, Non-Violence and Philosophy, and Violence, Terrorism and War among other philosophy and humanities classes. I have also taught Introduction to Politics, American Government, The European Union, America and the World in Political Science Departments.

Institutional Service
  • Seach Committee for OUA Director Member
  • First Year Reading Group Chair
  • Freshman Experience Book Meeting Chair
  • Ethics Bowl 2020 Member
  • Freshman Experience Book meeting Chair
  • CAL 103 Reader Committee Member
  • Freshman Experience Committee Member
  • Ethics Bowl Chair
  • Pinnacle Scholar Roundtable Chair
  • Constitution Day event Member
Professional Service
  • Northeastern Political Science Association Co-Chair
  • Northeastern Political Science Association Chair
  • Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy Chair of Panel on the Religion of Socrates and Plato
  • Northeast Political Science Association Chair of Panel on Environmental Politics

Prelaw Advisor, 2014-2021

Honors and Awards

Dean's list of outstanding students 3 years at my Alma Mater (SF state).

Professional Societies
  • APT – Association of Political Theory Member
  • NY SWIP – New York Society for Women in Philosophy Member
  • SAGP – Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy Member
  • NPSA – Northeast Political Science Association Member
  • APA – American Philosophical Association Member
Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
    Journal Article
      Magazine/Trade Publication

        Global and International Ethics, Fall 2021
        Knowledge, Nature, Culture, Fall 2011 to Fall 2021
        Science and Metaphysics, periodically from 2010 to 2019
        Environmental Ethics, periodically from Spring 2010 to Summer 2020
        Existentialism and Contemporary Philosophy, Fall 2016, Spring 2010
        Philosophy of Education, Fall 2016-Spring 2018
        Women Philosophers of the Twentieth-Century, Fall 2015, Fall 2016
        Philosophy and Feminism, Spring 2017, Spring 2014
        American Political Theory (Graduate class), Fall 2015, (Undergraduate) Summer 2007
        International Politics, Winter, 2015, Spring 2013
        National Government, Fall 2013
        Troy and the Trojan War, Fall 2010 and Spring 2011
        Introduction to Politics, Fall 2010
        Civilizations II, 2007 to 2016
        Civilizations I, 2008, 2015
        Cultures and Values, Fall 2008
        Making of Modern Thought, 2007 - 2011
        Ancient Political Theory, Summer 2008
        America and the World, Fall 2007
        Ethics and Values in Policy Making, Spring 2007
        Introduction to Political Theory, Spring 2007
        Classical Political Theory, Summer 2008
        Contemporary Political Theory, Fall 2008
        Modern Political Theory, Fall 2010 and 2001
        Violence, Terrorism, and War, Fall 2006
        Women and Philosophy, Fall 2016, Spring 2006
        Philosophers of Non-Violence, Spring 2005
        Plato’s Republic, Fall 2004
        Reflections on Making War, Spring 2004
        Great Writers of the late Nineteenth Century, Fall 2003
        Western Culture and the Arts, I and II, 2004-2006
        Ethics (several sections) 2002-2018
        Introduction to Philosophy, 2002-2010
        Great Ideas, II Spring 2002
        Philosophy and Science Fiction, Fall 2002
        Logic, Spring 2003
        Critical Thinking, Fall 2003
        Metaphysics, Fall 2001