Junjian Qi

Assistant Professor

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email: jqi8@stevens.edu


  • PhD (2013) Tsinghua University (Electrical Engineering)
  • BE (2008) Shandong University (Electrical Engineering)

Dr. Junjian Qi's primary research and teaching areas are focused on electric power systems, including cascading failure, microgrid control, cyber-physical security, and synchrophasor. He was the recipient of the NSF CAREER award in 2020.

Institutional Service
  • Recruitment and orientation subcommittee Member
Professional Societies
  • IEEE Senior member
Selected Publications
  1. Sun, K.; Hou, Y.; Sun, W.; Qi, J. (2019). Power System Control under Cascading Failures: Understanding, Mitigation, and Restoration.
Conference Proceeding
  1. Mohiuddin, S. M.; Qi, J. (2021). Attack Resilient Distributed Control for AC Microgrids with Distributed Robust State Estimation. 2021 IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC). IEEE.
  2. Khazeiynasab, S. R.; Qi, J. (2021). PMU Measurement Based Generator Parameter Calibration by Black-Box Optimization with A Stochastic Radial Basis Function Surrogate Model. 52nd North American Power Symposium (NAPS). IEEE.
  3. Khazeiynasab, S. R.; Qi, J.; Batarseh, I. (2021). Generator parameter estimation by Q-learning based on PMU measurements. 2021 IEEE ISGT NA. IEEE.
Journal Article
  1. Guo, Z.; Afifah, F.; Qi, J.; Baghali, S. (2021). A stochastic multi-agent optimization framework for interdependent transportation and power system analyses. IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification (3 ed., vol. 7, pp. 1088-1098). IEEE.
  2. Li, P.; Huang, X.; Qi, J.; Wei, H.; Bai, X. (2021). A Connectivity Constrained MILP Model for Optimal Transmission Switching. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (5 ed., vol. 36, pp. 4820-4823). IEEE.
  3. Khazeiynasab, S. R.; Qi, J. (2021). Generator Parameter Calibration by Adaptive Approximate Bayesian Computation With Sequential Monte Carlo Sampler. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (5 ed., vol. 12, pp. 4327-4338).
  4. Wang, L.; Qi, J.; Hu, B.; Xie, K. (2021). A coupled interaction model for simulation and mitigation of interdependent cascading outages. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (5 ed., vol. 36, pp. 4331-4342). IEEE.
  5. Zhao, X.; Wei, H.; Qi, J.; Li, P.; Bai, X. (2021). Frequency stability constrained optimal power flow incorporating differential algebraic equations of governor dynamics. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (3 ed., vol. 36, pp. 1666-1676). IEEE.
  6. Qi, J. (2021). Utility outage data driven interaction networks for cascading failure analysis and mitigation. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (2 ed., vol. 36, pp. 1409-1418). IEEE.
Technical Report
  1. Zhao, J.; Singh, A. K.; Mir, A. S.; Taha, A.; Abur, A.; Gomez-Exposito, A.; Meliopoulos, A. S.; Pal, B.; Kamwa, I.; Qi, J.; Mili, L.; Ariff, M.; Netto, M.; Glavic, M.; Yu, S.; Wang, S.; Bi, T.; Cutsem, T. V.; Terzija, V.; Liu, Y.; Huang, Z. (2021). Power System Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation-Transition to Power Electronics-Dominated Clean Energy Systems. IEEE Power and Energy Society Resource Center.