Jie Shen

Assistant Professor

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Computer Science

Building: Gateway Center

Room: S351

Phone: (201) 216-5488

Email: jshen15@stevens.edu



My research interests lie in both the theoretical aspects and applications of machine learning. I am particularly interested in the following problems and their interplay:

label-efficient learning, e.g. active learning;

noise-tolerant learning from unreliable data;

large-scale optimization, e.g. online and stochastic optimization;

high-dimensional statistics, e.g. low-rank matrix recovery and its applications to recommender systems and variable selection.


Visiting Scholar, Duke University, 2018
Graduate Research Assistant, Rutgers University, 2014 - 2018
Visiting Scholar, National University of Singapore, 2013 - 2014
Graduate Research Assistant, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2011 - 2013

Institutional Service
  • Computer Science Department Member
  • Computer Science Member
  • Computer Science Member
  • Computer Science Member
  • Computer Science Member
Professional Service
  • ACML 2021 Program committee member
  • IEEE Trans. on PAMI Journal reviewer
  • NeurIPS 2021 Program committee member
  • ICML 2021 Program committee member
  • Machine Learning Journal Journal reviewer
  • ICLR 2021 Program committee member
  • AISTATS 2021 Program committee member
  • AAAI 2021 Program committee member
  • AAAI 2020 PC member
  • Journal of Machine Learning Research Reviewer
  • ACML 2020 PC member
  • NeurIPS 2020 PC member
  • IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing Reviewer
  • ICML 2020 PC member
  • IEEE Signal Processing Letters Reviewer
  • AISTATS 2020 PC member
  • Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA Reviewer
  • International Conference on Machine Learning Program Committee Member
  • Artificial Intelligence and Statistics Program Committee Member
  • Neural Information Processing Systems Program Committee Member

Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2018 - present

Professional Societies
  • ACM Member
  • IEEE Member
  • AAAS Member
  • IMS – Institute of Mathematical Statistics Member
Grants, Contracts, and Funds

CRII, $175,000, Solo PI

Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
  1. Shen, J. (2021). On the Power of Localized Perceptron for Label-Optimal Learning of Halfspaces with Adversarial Noise. ICML 2021.
  2. Shen, J. (2021). Sample-Optimal PAC Learning of Halfspaces with Malicious Noise. ICML 2021.
  3. Shen, J.; Zhang, C. (2021). Attribute-Efficient Learning of Halfspaces with Malicious Noise: Near-Optimal Label Complexity and Noise Tolerance. Algorithmic Learning Theory.
  4. Zhang, C.; Shen, J.; Awasthi, P. (2020). Efficient Active Learning of Sparse Halfspaces with Arbitrary Bounded Noise. NeurIPS.
  5. Shen, J. (2020). One-Bit Compressed Sensing via One-Shot Hard Thresholding. Proceedings of the 36th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence.
Journal Article

    CS541, CS560