Jun Xu

Assistant Professor

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Computer Science

Building: Gateway Center

Room: S246

Phone: (201) 216-5484

Email: jxu69@stevens.edu



My research interests include system security, software security, and binary analysis. The goal of my research is to secure computing systems by neutralizing the risk of vulnerabilities in the software stack. I also do research to combat malware.

General Information

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology. I obtained my Ph.D. degree from the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Pennsylvania State University, under the supervision of Prof. Peng Liu and Prof. Xinyu Xing. Prior to that, I spent four years at University of Science and Technology of China, pursuing my bachelor's degree. I am a recipient of CCS Outstanding Paper Award, Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Award, and USTC Gup-Moruo Scholarship.

Institutional Service
  • IT Advisory Committee Member
  • CS Department Hiring Committee Member
  • CS department Member
  • CS department hiring committee Member
Professional Service
  • The 16th ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security Technical Program Committee
  • ACM Transactions on Computer Systems Reviewer
  • Journal of Cybersecurity Reviewers of Cybersecurity Journal
  • ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security Reviewer
  • The 11th International Conference on Information and Communication Systems Technical Program Commitee
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers Reviewer
  • IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing Reviewer
  • the 21st International Conference on Information and Communications Security Technical Program Committee
  • The 24rd ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems Student Research Competition Compitetion Committee
  • IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing Journal reviewer
  • The 6th IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security Technical Program Committee

2018-Present: Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology Department of Computer Science

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Paper Award, ACM CCS, 2018

Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Award, 2018

RSA Security Scholarship, 2017

Guo-moruo Scholarship, 2013

Professional Societies
  • IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Member
Grants, Contracts, and Funds

Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Medium: Rethinking Fuzzing for Security
• Role: lead-PI; with Long Lu from Northeastern University as another PI;
• Total: $1,195,800; Personal Share: $596,034 (50%);
• Sponsor: National Science Foundation (#2031377);
• 2020.10 - 2024.10.

SaTC: CORE: Medium: Privacy for All: Ensuring Fair Privacy Protection in Machine Learning
• Role: co-PI; with Wendy Hui Wang at Stevens as PI;
• Total: $699,540; Personal Share: $262,328 (37.5%);
• Sponsor: National Science Foundation (#2029038);
• Period: 2021.01 - 2024.12.

Automatically Verifying Temporal Alignment of Transformed Software
• Role: co-PI; with Eric Koskinen as PI;
• Total: $2,078,431; Personal Share: budgeted yearly;
• Sponsor: Office of Naval Research (#N00014-17-1-2787);
• Period: 2017.08 - 2021.09.

Facilitating Parallel Fuzzing with Mutually-exclusive Task Distribution (cloud credits)
• Role: PI;
• Total: $5,000 cloud credits; Personal Share: $5,000 (100%); • Sponsor: Google;
• Period: 2020.04 - 2020.10.

Automated Security Compliance Verification via Fuzzing (gift)
• Role: PI; with Neil Zhenqiang Gong from Duke University as lead-PI;
• Total: $100,000; Personal Share: $50,000 (50%);
• Sponsor: Cisco University Research Program Fund (#214157);
• Period: 2020.06 - 2021.06.

Software-based Trusted Execution Environments (gift)
• Role: PI;
• Total: $9,000; Personal Share: $9,000 (100%);
• Sponsor: Baidu USA;
• Period: 2019.02 to 2019.08.

Selected Publications
Book Chapter
  1. Chen, P.; Hu, Z.; Xu, J.; Zhu, M.; Erbacher, R.; Jajodia, S.; Liu, P. (2019). MTD Techniques for Memory Protection Against Zero-Day Attacks. Adversarial and Uncertain Reasoning for Adaptive Cyber Defense (pp. 129--155). New York City, NJ: Springer.
Conference Proceeding
  1. Pang, C.; Yu, R.; Xu, D.; Koskinen, E.; Portokalidis, G.; Xu, J. (2021). Towards Optimal Use of Exception Handling Information for Function Detection. Proceedings of the IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN).
  2. Du, Y.; Ning, Z.; Xu, J.; Wang, Z.; Lin, Y.; Zhang, F.; Xing, X.; Mao, B. (2020). HART: Hardware-assisted Kernel Module Tracing on Arm. The 25th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS’20).
  3. Chen, Y.; Li, P.; Xu, J.; Guo, S.; Zhou, R.; Zhang, Y.; Lu, L. (2020). SAVIOR: Towards Bug-Driven Hybrid Testing. The 41st IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P 2020).
  4. Chen, Y.; Mu, D.; Xu, J.; Sun, Z.; Shen, W.; Xing, X.; Lu, L.; Mao, B. (2019). PTrix: Efficient Hardware-Assisted Fuzzing for COTS Binary. Proceedings of The 14th ACM Asia Conference on Information, Computer and Communications Security.
  5. Guo, W.; Mu, D.; Xu, J.; Su, P.; Wang, G.; Xing, X. (2018). Lemna: Explaining deep learning based security applications. Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) (pp. 364--379). ACM.
Journal Article
  1. Mu, D.; Du, Y.; Xu, J.; Xu, J.; Xing, X.; Mao, B.; Liu, P. (2019). POMP++: Facilitating Postmortem Program Diagnosis with Value-set Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
  2. Xu, J.; Fu, S.; Xu, W.; Yang, E. (2018). A carbon nanotube-embedded conjugated polymer mesh with controlled oil absorption and surface regeneration via in situ wettability switch.. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. Journal of colloid and interface science (vol. 532, pp. 790-797).
  3. Xu, J.; Palumbo, A.; Xu, W.; Yang, E. (2016). Effects of Electropolymerization Parameters of PPy(DBS) Surfaces on the Droplet Flattening Behaviors During Redox.. The journal of physical chemistry B. The journal of physical chemistry B (39 ed., vol. 120, pp. 10381-10386).

Spring 2021 -- Instructor, CS492: Operating Systems

Fall2020 -- Instructor, CS577: Reverse Engineering and Applications

Spring 2020 -- Instructor, CS392: Systems Programming Section C, Stevens Institute of Technology

Fall 2019 -- Instructor, CS392: Systems Programming Section A, Stevens Institute of Technology

Spring 2019 -- Instructor, CS392: Systems Programming Section A and Section B, Stevens Institute of Technology