Jia Xu

Assistant Professor

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Computer Science

Building: Gateway Center

Room: S451

Email: jxu70@stevens.edu


  • PhD (2010) RWTH-Aachen University (Computer Science)

I am creating methods for competitive machine translation systems. These methods often push things beyond the current state-of-the-art. To achieve this, I am devising general machine learning methods, study their empirical and theoretical limitations, and introduce techniques in ensemble learning, subsampling methods, and bringing geometric techniques in the study of structured prediction.

General Information

I am an assistant professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology. My current research interests are in Machine Learning, with a focus on highly competitive machine translation systems. Lately, I have developed an interest and devise techniques that explore the underlying Metric and Geometric properties of machine translation systems. I am publishing in mainstream venues in computational linguistics and machine learning (e.g., AAAI, ICML, ACL).

Institutional Service
  • Hiring Committee Member
  • Working group on improving student-faculty interaction at Stevens Member
Professional Service
  • AAAI'20 Program Committee
  • AAAI'19 Program Committee
  • ACL Program Committee
  • EMNLP Program Committee
  • IJCAI Program Committee
Consulting Service

Hiring Committee member

Working group on improving student-faculty interaction

Honors and Awards

WMT 2018 Hunter 1st French-English Biomedical track team leader

WMT 2017 Hunter 1st (w.r.t. BLEU) Finnish-English News track team leader

NIST 2015 ICT-DCU 1st and 4th 1st (academic inst.) and 4th (overall) team leader and main contributor

WMT 2011DFKI 1st (w.r.t. BLEU) English-German News track team leader

NIST 2008 MSR 1st intern at MSR

NIST 2006 RWTH-Aachen 4th

NIST 2005 RWTH-Aachen 4th

NIST 2004 RWTH-Aachen 2nd

GALE 2008 RWTH-Aachen 2nd in NightInGale

GALE 2007 RWTH-Aachen 2nd in NightInGale

GALE 2006 RWTH-Aachen 2nd in NightInGale

TC-Star 2006 RWTH-Aachen 1st

TC-Star 2005 RWTH-Aachen 1st

TC-Star 2004 RWTH-Aachen1st

Professional Societies
  • Reviewer of IEEE Journal Member
  • ACL 2019 – Program Committee of ACL Member
  • Program Committee of IJCAI Member
  • AAAI – Program Committee of AAAI Member
  • Program committee of EMNLP Member
Grants, Contracts, and Funds

NSF grant 299,000 USD Co-PI 2018-2023 IUCRC Phase I Rutgers, Newark: Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA) ID: 1747728

NSFC (NSF-China) grant 660,000 RMB (100,000 USD) Co-PI 2017--2019 Key Problems for Tightly-coupled, Multi-signal Fusion based Simultaneously Locating and Mapping ID: 61672524

ICT-CAS grant (Innovation subjects) 500,000 RMB (83,000 USD) Principal investigator 2015--2017 Ensemble learning in machine translation ID: 20156020

KLIIP-ICT-CAS grant 200,000 RMB (33,000 USD )Principal investigator 2015 -- 2016 Novel machine learning methods 20156020 NSFC grant 660,000 RMB (100,000 USD) Co-PI 2014-2017 New approaches to the limits of efficient propositional reasoning: algorithms, approximations and foundations ID: 20131351464

IIIS-Tsinghua grant 150,000 RMB (25,000 USD) Principal investigator 2012-2015 Machine learning and machine translation

Patents and Inventions

Unsupervised Chinese Word Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation
Jianfeng Gao, Kristina Nikolova Toutanova, and Jia Xu

Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
  1. Lyu, W.; Huang, S.; Zhang, S.; Khan, A. R.; Sun, W.; Xu, J. (2019). CUNY-PKU Parser at SemEval-2019 Task 1: Cross-lingual Semantic Parsing with UCCA. Proceedins of SemEval 2019.
Journal Article
  1. Xu, J.. A Clustering Framework for Lexical Normalization of Roman Urdu. Journal of Natural Language Engineering (Impact factor: 1.065 in 2016). Cambridge Press.

Deep Learning
Data Structures