Majeed Simaan

Assistant Professor

School: School of Business

Building: Babbio Center

Room: 629

Phone: (201) 216-5418




Research interests revolve around Risk Management, with a focus on Asset allocation and Pricing. Applications cover quantitative and computational finance-related tools, such as financial networks (interconnectedness), machine learning, and textual analysis.


Prior to joining SIT, I worked as a part-time data scientist for Financial Network Analytics (FNA) during the of summer 2018. While in London, I worked as a part-time Quantitative Analyst for Pantheon Ventures. I am also an active member of the R programming community, promoting a free software environment for statistical computing and data science.

Institutional Service
  • School of Business Research Committee Member
  • Financial Engineering Research Committee Member
  • Finance PhD Committee Member
  • Financial Engineering Research Committee Member
  • Finance PhD Committee Member
  • Brownbag Member
  • Committee for Teaching Effectiveness Evaluations Member
  • Finance search committee Member
Professional Service
  • Global Association for Risk Professionals Member
Professional Societies
  • AFA – American Finance Association Member
  • FMA – Financial Management Association Member
  • NFA – Northern Finance Association Member
  • GARP – Global Association of Risk Professionals Member
  • EFA – European Finance Association Member
  • EFA – Eastern Finance Association Member
Selected Publications
Book Chapter
  1. Simaan, M.; Boudt, K.; Cela, M. (2020). In Search of Return Predictability: Application of Machine Learning Algorithms in Tactical Allocation. Machine LearninMachine Learning for Asset Management: New Developments and Financial Applicationsg and Asset Management. Hoboken: ISTE Ltd 2020. Published by ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
Conference Proceeding
  1. Simaan, M. (2016). Investigating bank failures using text mining. IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI).
Journal Article
  1. Khashanah, K.; Simaan, M.; Simaan (2022). Do we need higher-order comoments to enhance mean-variance portfolios? Evidence from a simplified jump process. International Review of Financial Analysis. Hoboken.
  2. Cui, Z.; Simaan, M. (2021). The Opportunity Cost of Hedging under Incomplete Information: Evidence from ETF/Ns. Journal of Futures Markets.
  3. Clark, B.; Edirisinghe, C.; Simaan, M. (2021). Estimation Risk and Implicit Value of Index-Tracking. Quantitative Finance.
  4. Simaan, M. (2021). Working with CRSP/COMPUSTAT in R: Reproducible Empirical Asset Pricing. The R Journal.
  5. Clark, B.; Feinstein, Z.; Simaan, M. (2020). A machine learning efficient frontier. Operations Research Letters (5 ed., vol. 48, pp. 630-634).
  6. Simaan, M.; Gupta, A.; Kar, K. (2020). Filtering for risk assessment of interbank network. European Journal of Operational Research.
  7. Simaan, M.; Simaan, Y. (2019). Rational explanation for rule-of-thumb practices in asset allocation. Quantitative Finance.
  8. Simaan, M.; Simaan, Y.; Tang, Y. (2018). Estimation error in mean returns and the mean-variance efficient frontier. International Review of Economics & Finance.