Roshanak Nilchiani

Associate Professor

School: School of Systems and Enterprises

Building: Babbio Center

Room: 538

Phone: (201) 216-8542

Fax: (201) 216-5541


  • PhD (2005) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Aerospace Systems)

· Mathematical modeling of complexity and emergence in engineered systems
· Mathematical modeling of tipping points in complex networks
· Assessing the value of adaptation and flexibility and various systems “ilities”
· Quantitative risk modeling and assessment at various stages of acquisition programs and system design by measuring complexity
· Mathematical modeling of systems resilience in face of catastrophic events

General Information

Prof. Nilchiani is a tenured faculty member in school of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology. She received her Ph.D. in Space Systems Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2005. In the past two decades, Prof. Nilchiani’s research has focused in the area of modeling and quantifying complex systems response to change. Within this area, she has made significant contributions to the quantitative measurement and computational modeling of agility, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience of various complex systems such as space systems, infrastructure systems, and telecommunication networks. Her most recent work explores the relationship between system complexity, uncertainty, emergence, and risk with an emphasis on developing new perspectives and conceptual frameworks for risk management. Her research group has been formulating and modeling quantitative measures of complexity and increased entropy in complex networks and engineered systems with multiple applications across various domains.
Her current research team has formulated a novel approach for identifying and localizing the tipping points of complex networked systems, the critical threshold across which a system can collapse, and are testing this new theory on case studies involving disruptive technology, ecosystem collapse, supply-chain sustainability, and biological cell death.


- Associate Professor with Tenure, SSE, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2015-Present
- Assistant Professor, SSE, Stevens Institute of Technology,2007–2015
- Research Assistant Professor, SSE, Stevens Institute of Technology 2006–2007

Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
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Journal Article
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MedRxiv Preprint Article
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· SYS 681 (Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprises),
. EM 630 (Intro to Complexity Science)
· SYS 800 (Special Problems in Systems Engineering),
· SYS 960 (PhD Research in Systems Engineering),