Rita Sousa

Assistant Professor

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Building: ABS

Room: 228

Phone: (201) 2168046

Email: rsousa@stevens.edu

  • PhD (2010) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering)

Stochastic subsurface characterization

Institutional Service
  • CE-Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Member
  • CE Master student recruitment Member
Professional Service
  • Civil Track Leader (technical comiteee for ARMA 2020)
  • Board of Multi-criteria Decision Making (specialty section of Frontiers in Sustainability) Review Editor
  • Organizing comitte of 2020 Virtual ARMA-DGS-SEG International Geomechanics Symposium
Professional Societies
  • ARMA – American Society of Rock Mechanics Member
Selected Publications
Book Chapter
  1. Sousa, L.; Vargas, Eur\'\ipedes; Sousa, R.; Chamin\'e, Helder I (2020). Hydrological Risks in Natural Hazards Focused on the Role of the Water: Studies on Landslides. Advances in Natural Hazards and Hydrological Risks: Meeting the Challenge (pp. 43--47).
  2. e Sousa, Lu\'\is Ribeiro; Zhou, H.; Sousa, R.; Zhang, C. (2020). Soft rocks in underground hydroelectric schemes. Soft Rock Mechanics and Engineering (pp. 541--577). Springer, Cham.
  3. e Sousa, Lu\'\is Ribeiro; Sousa, R.; Cuiying, Z.; Karam, K. (2020). Evaluation of Geomechanical Properties of Soft Rock Masses by Laboratory and In Situ Testing. Soft Rock Mechanics and Engineering (pp. 187--234). Springer, Cham.
Conference Proceeding
  1. Abdulla, B.; Sousa, R.; Galadari, A. (2020). Location and Development of Light Rail Stations under Demand Uncertainty: A Real Options Based Framework. International Conference on Transportation and Development 2020 (pp. 151--160).
  2. Zhu, G.; Saji, R.; Mubarak, H.; Sousa, R.; Sassi, M.; Abu Al-Rub, R.; others (2019). Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Hydraulic Fracturing Under Reservoir Conditions. 53rd US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium.
  3. Mubarak, H.; Saji, R.; R Zhu, G.; Sousa, R.; Sassi, M.; Abu Al-Rub, R.; others (2019). Plasticity and Damage Analysis of Berea Sandstone via Cyclic Triaxial Loading Under High Confinement Pressure. 53rd US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium.
  4. Al Kaabi, M.; Sousa, R. (2019). Studying the effects of gypsum karst cavities in tunneling. WTC 2019 ITA-AITES World Congress (WTC 2019), May 3-9 2019, Naples, Italy (pp. 5275--5284).
Journal Article
  1. Sousa, R.; Vargas, E.; Chamine, H.; Ribeiro e Sousa, L.; Karam, K. (2021). Risk assessment on landslides focused on the role of the water: examples from model regions (Rio de Janeiro State and Hong Kong). SN Applied Sciences (3 ed.). Springer International Publishing.
  2. Zhu, G.; Sousa, R.; He, M.; Zhou, P.; Yang, J. (2020). Stability Analysis of a Non-pillar-Mining Approach Using a Combination of Discrete Fracture Network and Discrete-Element Method Modeling. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (1 ed., vol. 53, pp. 269--289). Springer Vienna.
  3. Kishida, T.; Park, D.; Sousa, R.; Armstrong, R.; Byon, Y. (2020). Modulus reductions of dam embankment materials based on downhole array time series. Earthquake Spectra (1 ed., vol. 36, pp. 400--421). SAGE Publications Sage UK: London, England.
  4. He, M.; e Sousa, L. R.; M\"uller, Andr\'e; Vargas Jr, Eur\'\ipedes; Sousa, R.; Oliveira, C. S.; Gong, W. (2019). Numerical and safety considerations about the Daguangbao landslide induced by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (5 ed., vol. 11, pp. 1019--1035). Elsevier.
  5. Abdulla, M. B.; Sousa, R.; Einstein, H.; Awadalla, S. (2019). Optimised multivariate Gaussians for probabilistic subsurface characterisation. Georisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards (4 ed., vol. 13, pp. 303--312). Taylor \& Francis.