Somayeh Moazeni

Associate Professor

School: School of Business

Building: Babbio Center

Room: 519

Phone: (201) 216-8723

Fax: (201) 216-5541




Business Analytics, Operations Management

Institutional Service
  • SIAI committee to support an AI Outreach Survey Member
  • BIA Curriculum Committee Member
Professional Service
  • INFORMS Organizing Committee Member for INFORMS Optimization Society Conference 2022
  • NSF NSF Proposal Panelist
Professional Societies
  • INFORMS – Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Member
  • IEEE Senior Member – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Senior member
  • SECC – Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative Member
  • MOS – Mathematical Optimization Society Member
  • POMS – Production and Operations Management Society Member
Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
  1. Moazeni, S.; Nilchiani, R.; Pugliese, A.; Adams, S.; Beling, P. A.; Lambert, J. H.; Scherer, W. T.; Fleming, C. H. (2019). Uncertain Requirements in the Design Selection Problem. Systems Engineering in Context (pp. 323--333). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  2. Moazeni, S. (2019). Predicting Individual-Level Call Arrival from Online Account Customer Activity. Proceedings - 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Big Data 2018 (pp. 1624-1631).
  3. Moazeni, S.; Andrade, R. (2018). A Data-Driven Approach to Predict an Individual Customer's Call Arrival in Multichannel Customer Support Centers. Proceedings - 2018 IEEE International Congress on Big Data, BigData Congress 2018 - Part of the 2018 IEEE World Congress on Services (pp. 66-73).
Journal Article
  1. Andrade, R.; Moazeni, S.; Ramirez-Marquez, J. (2020). A systems perspective on contact centers and customer service reliability modeling. Systems Engineering (2 ed., vol. 23, pp. 221-236).
  2. Moazeni, S.; Miragha, A. H.; Defourny, B. (2019). A Risk-Averse Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach to Energy Hub Optimal Dispatch. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (3 ed., vol. 34, pp. 2169-2178).
  3. Moazeni, S.; Defourny, B.; Wilczak, M. (2019). Sequential Learning in Designing Marketing Campaigns for Market Entry. Management Science (FT50 Journal) (vol. Published Online:31 Dec 2019). INFORMS.
  4. Moazeni, S.; Scott, W. R.; Powell, W. B. (2019). Least squares policy iteration with instrumental variables vs. direct policy search: comparison against optimal benchmarks using energy storage. INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research (1 ed., vol. 58, pp. 141-166). Informa UK Limited.
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  8. Defourny, B.; Moazeni, S.. Implied Markov Transition Matrices under Structural Price Models . Quantitative Finance. published online 15 June 2021.
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Technical Report
  1. Defourny, B.; Moazeni, S. (2018). Electric Storage with Stacked Services: Control and Valuation. Lehigh University Report.