Wei Li

Research Associate Professor

Wei Li

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Physics

Building: Burchard

Room: 626

Phone: (201) 216-5580

Fax: (201) 216-5638

Email: wli4@stevens.edu


Radiative transfer and related modeling. Satellite remote sensing of the coupled atmosphere-snow/ice-ocean system and the effect of surface bi-directional reflectance. Remote sensing for simultaneous retrieval of aerosol, snow and ocean properties. Machine learning technique in remote sensing.

General Information

1985 - 1997: Research Associate Professor, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 1997 – 2000: Research Associate, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 2000 - present: Research Associate Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology.

Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
  1. Published Conference Proceeding – Gatebe, C.; Li, W.; Chen, N.; Fan, Y.; Poudyal, R.; Brucker, L.; Stamnes, K. (2018). Snow-covered area using machine learning techniques. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) (vol. 2018-July, pp. 6291-6293).
Journal Article
  1. Published Journal Article – Sztipanov, M.; Tumeh, L.; Li, W.; Svendby, T.; Kylling, A.; Dahlback, A.; Stamnes, J. J.; Hansen, G.; Stamnes, K. (2020). Ground-based measurements of total ozone column amount with a multichannel moderate-bandwidth filter instrument at the Troll research station, Antarctica (1 ed., vol. 59, pp. 97-106).
  2. Published Journal Article – Stamnes, K.; Hamre, B.; Stamnes, S.; Chen, N.; Fan, Y.; Li, W.; Lin, Z.; Stamnes, J. (2018). Progress in forward-inverse modeling based on radiative transfer tools for coupled atmosphere-snow/ice-ocean systems: A review and description of the AccuRT model (12 ed., vol. 8).
  3. Published Journal Article – Chen, N.; Li, W.; Gatebe, C.; Tanikawa, T.; Hori, M.; Shimada, R.; Aoki, T.; Stamnes, K. (2018). New neural network cloud mask algorithm based on radiative transfer simulations (vol. 219, pp. 62-71).
  4. Published Journal Article – Tang, Q.; Hu, Y.; Li, W.; Huang, J.; Stamnes, K. (2018). Optimizing cirrus optical depth retrievals over the ocean from collocated CALIPSO and AMSR-E observations (26 ed., vol. 57, pp. 7472-7481).