Xiaoguang Meng


School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Building: Nicoll Laboratory

Room: 106

Phone: (201) 216-8014

Fax: (201) 216-8739

Email: xmeng@stevens.edu

  • PhD (1993) Syracuse University (Environmental Engineering)
  • MS (1985) Ocean University of China (Marine Chemistry)
  • BS (1982) Ocean University of China (Marine Chemistry)

Research Interest:

Physicochemical treatment and of arsenic and heavy metals in water and solids.
Interaction of heavy metals, uranium and inorganic compounds at metal hydroxide-water interface.
Fate and transport of arsenic and heavy metals in aquatic environment.

Technologies Developed:

Development of a titanium-based adsorbent for treatment of arsenic and heavy metals from drinking water (U.S. patent). The adsorbent has been used successfully for the removal of arsenic and lead in water.
Development of water purification packets consisting of ferric iron and hypochlorite and a household filtration technique for removal of arsenic in drinking water and for disinfection. The technique was successfully demonstrated and implemented in Bangladesh in the early 2000s. The water purification packets have been used in many developing countries for preparation of clean drinking water.
Development of water treatment technologies for removal of heavy metals with iron (U.S. patent). Full-scale unit was installed for treatment of contaminated groundwater.

Institutional Service
  • Graduate committee Member
  • SES P&T committee Member
Professional Service
  • ISPTS 2019 Conference at Stevens Conference chair
  • Science of Total Environment Guest Editor
Consulting Service

UNICEF consultant to develop and demonstrate water treatment techniques for preparation of safe drinking water in Bangladesh.

Member of Water Quality and Quantity Standing Committee for the Science Advisory Board of New Jersey.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Co-funder of HydroGlobe LLC

Honors and Awards

The Tech Museum Awards, Intel Environmental Award, 2001

Research Award, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2002

American Water Works Association, New Jersey Section, Research Award, 2004

Thomas Alva Edison Award for the most important patent contribution from a scientist in New Jersey, 2006

Inventor of the Year Award, the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, 2009

Professional Societies
  • ACS – American Chemical Society Member
  • AWWA – American Water Worker Association Member
Grants, Contracts, and Funds

Patents and Inventions

Functionalized fibers for removal of contaminants in water and soil. Xiaoguang Meng, Jinshang Wei. US Patent Application: 0354884 A1(2020).

Process for preparation of granular material. Xiaoguang Meng. US Patent: 10,562,791 (2020).

Methods of preparing a surface-activated titanium oxide product and of using same in water treatment processes. Xiaoguang Meng, Mike Dadachov, George P. Korfiatis, and Christos Chritodoulatos, David J. Moll, Geofrey Paul Onifer, Daniel B. Rice, Robert E. Reim, Fredrick W. Vance, Harlan Robert Goltz, Chan Han, William I. Harris. US Patent: 7,497,952 (2009).

Method of Preparing a Surface-Activated Titanium Oxide Product and of Using the Same in Water Treatment Processes. Xiaoguang Meng, Mike Dadachov, George P. Korfiatis, and Christos Chritodoulatos. US Patent: 6,919,029 (2005).

Iron powder and sand filtration process for treatment of water contaminated with heavy metals and organic compounds. Xiaoguang Meng and George P. Korfiatis. US Patent: 6,942,807 (2005).

Selected Publications
Conference Proceeding
  1. Korfiatis, G.; Meng, X.; Shi, Q. (2018). THE USE OF NANOCRYSTALLINE TITANIUM DIOXIDE IN REMOVING HEAVY METALS FROM WATER: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENTS (vol. 1, pp. 1129-1135). Proc. Protection and Restoration of the Environment XIV.
Journal Article
  1. Shi, Q.; Meng, X.; Prigiobbe, V. (2020). Mechanistic Study of Radium Adsorption onto Goethite. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (1 ed., vol. 124, pp. 805-814). American Chemical Society (ACS).
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​​​​EN 379 Environmental Systems Laboratory
EN 423/424 – Environmental Engineering Design VII/VIII
EN551 Environmental Chemistry of Soils and Natural Surfaces