Yujun Zhao

Teaching Associate Professor

School: School of Engineering and Science

Department: Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Building: McLean Hall

Room: 403

Phone: (201) 216-8358

Fax: (201) 216-8306

Email: yzhao@stevens.edu

  • PhD (2001) Stevens Institute of Technology (Chemical Engineering)
  • MS (1992) University of Tokyo (Chemical Engineering)
  • BE (1984) East China University of Science and Technology (Chemical Process Equipment and Machinery)

Teaching Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
Teaching Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Stevens Institute of Technology
Consultant, Nichu Teikeishy Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Assistant Engineer, Institute of Chemical Engineering at ECUST, Shanghai, China

Professional Societies
  • AIChE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers Member
Selected Publications
Journal Article
  1. Li, Y.; Cai, Y.; Zhao, T.; Liu, Y.; Wang, J.; Wu, L.; Zhao, Y. (2020). Multi-Objective Optimal Operations of Centralized Battery Swap Charging System with Photovoltaic. Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy.

CHE 210 Process Analysis
CHE 234 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE 336 Fluid Dynamics
CHE 332 Separation Operations
CHE 322 Engineering Design VI
CHE 423 Engineering Design VII
CHE 424 Engineering Design VIII
CHE 432 Chemical Engineering Systems
CHE 480 Biochemical Engineering
CHE 501 Mass and Energy Balances, Stagewise Operations
CHE 502 Transport Phenomena
CHE 580 Biofuels Engineering and Technology
CHE 620 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE 650 Reactor Design
CHE 681 Pharmaceutical Reaction Engineering
CH 115 General Chemistry I
CH 116 General Chemistry II
CH 117 General Chemistry Lab I
CH 118 General Chemistry Lab II
CH 620 Thermodynamics and Kinetics